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#noemail in News & Observer

David Menconi wrote a nice — and mostly correct — article about my way of doing #nomail that came out today as “Email-free UNC-CH professor set to prove there are better ways to communicate.”

I would write more, but SOMEONE ON TEH INTERNETS IS WRONG! And I must straighten them out.

Thanks to Travis Long for the good photo that goes along with the article.


In the box that accompanies the article there are a couple of errors:
“Opened” should be “OpenID”
“RS web feeds for Liters” should be “RSS web feeds for Listservs”


  1. Evidence that the N&O decided (long ago, no doubt) that spellcheck is good enough, and cheaper than a real-live proofreader. Sigh.


  2. I came across your #noemail efforts through Luis Suarez. In the articles, you are quoted as saying there are “20 or 30 better ways” to communicate than on email. Have you created and published that list already? I’d love to reference it.

  3. Paul

    10/16/2012 at 1:21 pm

    Hee. Just send email to jones at unc dot edu for my divesting message in which I reference several — about 20 — that I used as alternatives when I started this project about a year and a half ago. But there are of course others. Including GetSatisfaction for managing customer requests in the open socially. Spotify for music maniacs. RSS for most listservs. That I don’t refer to in the divesting message.

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