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Owning the Future now past – on the the Himalayas

Owning the Future was well-received in the press and by visiting government officials. Today was again long but I was back and packing by 10 pm (having left the hotel at 7:45 am). Updated pictures here.

India is not a coffee country. Tea is great. Coffee is Nescafe. Even an espresso was, I think, Nescafe. Not in the Turkish style, but thick Nescafe. Reminder to self: Don’t even ask for coffee no matter where you are in India.

Today there was a very interesting panel on Traditional Knowledge and very wonderful performances by Eben Moglen and Michael Tiemann.

After the RedHat sponsored Symposium, the Software Freedom Law Center sponsored a gathering that included several judges and the Minister for Law and Justice of the Union of India.

I left early to pack for Dharamsala. Once back in the hotel, I had a call from my driver saying that leaving at 7 am would not do. We must leave at 6 am! Yikes, but I can sleep in the car. I have no sense of time at all.

I do have some insight about how some Indians interact with their government officials. Lots to taking the blows on the officials parts and some friendly returns. An Indian official needs to be quite thickskinned and a diplomat.

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  1. quick correction- southern India is a big coffee country (proper filtered-brewed kind). India discovered coffee probably well before Europe (

    India is a major coffee producer as well.

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