Carrboro Poet/Gawd Patrick Herron writes to alert us of his reading on Saturday.

Who: Patrick Herron and Kent Johnson
When: Saturday March 26 @ 8 pm
Where: Internationalist Books on Franklin Street, Chapel Hill
What: High-energy Poetry Reading

More from Patrick:

Kent Johnson is the caretaker of perhaps the most controversial work of poetry in American history since Ginsberg’s _Howl_, and he has been my mentor and friend for the last six years. You can read about the Yasusada controversy extensively covered in the Boston Review in 1997 ( and Or, alternately, you can read about his life that includes working with the Sandinistas.

Read a fine example of his poetry, a play on the children’s book _Goodnight Moon_ which is arguably the most remarkable poem in the famed _Poets Against The War_ collection.

Don’t come for me, come to hear Kent–he is truly phenomenal. Poets this good don’t come around often in a lifetime. This is not to be missed.