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Peppers + Chocolate = Good Health

In the latest health news, my favorite pleasures, hot peppers and dark chocolate, are being show to be very helpful for old men, like me. BBC (and a hundred other sources) report that hot peppers kill cancer cells in the prostate. At least in rats. The LA Times reprinted in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reports that chocolate especially the darker (and better) variety helps lower cholesterol and relax your blood vessels thus decreasing the likelihood of heart attacks. Mars is marketing a new bar called, CocoaVia, designed to get the good of chocolate to us all. (Haven’t tried this stoof. The nearest listed store with it is in Cary).

They had the right idea in Chocolat.

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  1. I am running out to copyright and trademark several recipes for chocoloate-covered jalapeno/habanero treats unless you quickly Creative Commons them…

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