Today’s NYTimes gives a buncha ink/electrons to celebrity gossip Perez Hilton. He is to people as’s the Manolo is to footwear. No question. But there is more to this story than gay Cuban guy goes to LA and spreads the dirt. Perez is raking in the dough thanks to great ad sales and very very good rates through Henry Copeland‘s Carrboro-based

Of the business side, Henry dishes on the rates:

Mr. Lavandeira’s blog [] commands as much as $9,000 a week for a single advertisement and $45,000 for the most expensive ad package, according to Henry Copeland of, the ad sales representative for His demographics — a largely female readership, with an average age of 26 — lure ads from fashion brands, spirits companies and, of course, Hollywood.

And Hungry? BlogAds is a multi (at least dual) national corporation with staff in NC and HU.