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Poetry at the Golden Arches

Christopher Salerno of NCSU sends this evidence of Poetry at McDonald’s in Raleigh. Chris says “Down the street from my place last week. Donald hall’s worst nightmare. I couldn’t resist the photo op.”

My question did anyone go to this poetry event?

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  1. Paul

    1/3/2006 at 8:38 pm

    Phil Boiarski writes:

    Happening is the right word. They are called Kula events here in the
    Radical Reading Club,
    organized by a few poets from both coasts
    and the dread Midwest. We read that day at Pudding House and out
    in the square without Mr. Radio and gathered a crowd of maybe two,
    and several slowed as they walked through. The Kula tradition is
    based on an island cult of gift giving, the finer the gift, the greater
    the blessing and honor on the giver. Most gifts were artistic creations
    that took time and great effort and were carefully crafted. The custom
    actually replaced war-making. Old lefties do wierd things. I don’t
    know if this is related, but Kula poets have read in hundreds of places,
    published on billboards and bus signs, read like streetcorner preachers
    for years. Why not become one. Nothing is more exhilirating and/or
    disappointing, I do it regularly and recommend it highly. You will not
    believe the sorts of things that just “happen.”

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