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Political Bloggers in NYTimes Mag

A wistful almost sad close up look at political bloggers is in today’s NYTimes mag. Among the revelations: Wonkette used to write for when it didn’t suck and she was hired to be the character wonkette. Bloggers like other writers are often not-so-social creatures with axes of various kinds to grind.

But the other thing worth noticing is that the article focuses entirely on Democratic bloggers. The article is pre-Republican convention and definitely pre-Memogate. It shows a blogger-triumphalism of a different kind. Already blogs are being touted as a Conservative tool instead of Liberal one. Did things change so quickly or is our polar political drift going to show more wild swings between left and right as each organizing tool or media outlet gets a moment in the ink or electrons?

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  1. Yeah, each side will wax triumphant on occasion. All sides will make, perhaps are making, ample and effective use of the medium. I actually had no problem with the piece focusing on Democratic bloggers — the author wanted to do that, and not every story needs to be balanced and all-inclusive — but I did think it was odd to describe Glenn and other non-lefty bloggers the way the author did, as “peaking.” These things are going to change quickly, back and forth, so there‘s no point trying to pretend that precise trends are evident.

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