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PT Saga post-0551

Today I took my PT back to the dealer. The Check Engine light was still on. The drive there went fine. It was almost exactly the same distance I drove on Saturday when I experienced the stalls. But no stall this time.
The mechanic drove the car over 25 miles and then drove in town where he never stalled.
He did check the Power Steering Sensor. As the light had reported, it needed to be replaced. It was. Also the multi-switch that does the turn signals needed a replace. Did that.
Watched too much Fox News whilst he did all this.
Then drove back to Chapel Hill via I-40.
Got to Weaver Dairy Road and stopped. Stalled, I think. I could have paniced. Anyhow it started again immediately and with no trouble.
The rest of the trip was uneventful.
More news as it happens.


  1. I assume they checked the fuel line filters? Heading up Weaver Dairy could’ve shifted some crud around.

    OmniNerd has a neat setup for realtime monitoring of your system condition codes.

  2. Paul

    7/17/2006 at 3:44 pm

    No new Check Engine. On filers and hoses, they were all replaced at the 60K miles service just after the beginning of this saga.

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