What an unexpected epiphany for a late January — Epiphany being officially on the 6th and this being the 29th — to see a tree full of robins just as the storm begins. The tall Savannah Holly was full of berries and was soon full of robins as the snow changed to freezing rain today. As I watched the birds dive into the tree, I noticed one of smaller. Though it shared a red breast with the others in the flock, it was quickly obvious that this was a different bird. Sure enough was it moved about the tree, I could see that it was an Eastern Bluebird.
In some ways seeing the blue bird among the robins should be no surprise since both at thrushes, but in the midst of the ice storm to see a blue bird feeding on red berries, a bright flash of blue among the brown robins (his cousins in red breastedness) — that is something else.