We took our Make designed single string electric guitar to show off at the Music Loft. As soon as Dennis the owner came out and we plugged in the PVC pipe-based guitar and struck a surprisingly mellow note, we had plenty of attention. Several of the local musicians tried out the guitar and were delighted at the varieties of music that could be had from a less than $20 homemade instrument. Of course getting the strings and machine head for free from Dennis helped contain the cost a little ;->

Our guitar is now a bass — after we split a string or two trying to get a conventional E tuning. One Lofter played it as a stand-up; another was into Led Zep playing a John Paul Jones bass line. Tucker came home and started on a guitar strap to be made of duct tape — what else?

Before we left, Dennis took some pictures for the Loft website eventually. I’ll link to them once we hear that they’re up.