Jones in Skirt

Sound of Poets Cooking

As promised, Skirt (Raleigh) is in the newsboxes (free) and online. There I am in a very nice picture taken by Beth Riley for the magazine. The crumbling column is holding up The One True Manning Hall.


Editor, publisher and poet Richard Krawiec writes to say that “The Sound of Poets Cooking” is on the way to him from the printers. Further, he has copies at a special Facebook discount:

I’m represented in Sound of Cooking by a poem called “Artichokes.”


Friday, I’ll be Skypeing over to Elon University Law School to record a session of Hearsay Culture with David Levine. Our show will be airing and online listening on July 28, but what David has online already is very impressive so go listen to some of the shows now. You won’t be disappointed.