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Skull Bread and other delights of the day

Miles Efron sucks it in and visits a Mexican bakery in honor of Dia de los Muertos. Despite his experiences with bad LA Mexican bakeries, he takes in and refers us to pan de muertos. Was this a conversion experience?

In our neighborhood as the spooks were slowing down under the weight of their sweet loot, the power suddenly went out! There was a slow dimming then total darkness as we stood in the street trying to decide if people without lights would still be up for treating — or if tricking were in order. The good spirits prevailed and treats continued to flow until a few houses later the lights came back on. Had to reset all the clocks twice today.


  1. Wait… Miles eats?

  2. Not a conversion experience. But I will be going back to la Victoria for breakfast tacos. I saw them preparing for the next day; looks like a serious, if small-scale operation.

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