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Skype-ing to Khartoum

Loving the clarity of Skype and the connectivity. Last night, Mark McCarthy let me know his Skype handle and today we spoke about telecommunications in Khartoum, Sudan via Skype. Mark is in Khartoum working with the Humanitarian Information Centre. The connection was great and the conversation crystal clear. Mark says Skype is better than the satellite phones.
I am not a Skype salesperson, but I’m begining to sound like it.

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  1. valerie and bill mccarthy

    8/1/2005 at 1:57 pm

    hi paul,
    don’t know if you recall meeting us but we are the proud parents, of mark, that is, not skype.
    mark, today is in darfur and rathi is in khartoum. all the un workers retreated to the un compound in khartoum, but rathi says it is cooling down. i certainly hope so.
    when lastwe heard from mark he didn’t know when he could get back to khartoum.
    take care
    val mccarthy

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