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Here in the South, that’s news. Especially when the day-time temperatures were in the 70s last week! YIKES
Only flurries, but it’s the idea of the stuff.
UPDATE: Sticking and building up! Yankee arrogance about how to drive, how to walk, etc soars! Southerners rush to groceries to buy white – eggs, bread, milk, toilet paper all vanish from the shelves!


  1. Except… snow isn’t supposed to make a ticking/tapping sound as it hits the ground…

    This person from (at least most recently) knows there is one rule about driving in the snow in the South: don’t. 🙂

  2. Oops, that should be “This person from (at least most recently) the North“…

  3. Before today’s blizzard (just kidding) I was out at Weaver Street and took a picture of the fountain, which was frozen solid.

    I hate snow, and I refuse to drive if there is anything resembling it on the ground. If this freaky weather keeps up here in North Carolina I may have to move to New Orleans or Miami Beach!

  4. As an arrogant Yankee myself, I felt compelled to email my folks in New Hampshire to tell them that we’d had a barely measurable amount of snow & it was closing schools. My father’s reply: “It was minus 10 at the house this morning. It’s too cold to snow.” Let me tell you how much I miss that kind of winter…

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