Sally Greene notices that the News and Observer now runs not only a few blogs, but an NC Blogwatch. She discovered this heretofore well kept secret by mining her refer logs. Turns out that the NandO blogmasters aren’t using Trackback to the posts that they feature. They do have a Trackback for their own post and I’m using it here to Trackback to one of the articles there that links to an article here.

Meanwhile WXDU is being stalked or policed depending on your viewpoint by “an unidentified, middle-aged man.” How you can tell age and gender from email has yet to be explained. The Chronicle reports that the emailer has been reporting on what words and expressions are used on air by WXDU DJs and is also including images grabbed from the WXDU webcam in his emails to Duke administrators.

According to the e-mail sent to the WXDU list warning DJs about the situation, President Richard Brodhead, Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta and Executive Vice President Tallman Trask have received the man’s e-mails. Moneta said he is involved in conversations about the situation with people who have expressed concerns but declined to comment further. Several WXDU DJs also declined to comment about the situation.

An Effin’ chillin’ effect?