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Soul Notes – this weekend

Soul Notes w/Creighton
Sally describes Crieghton Irons’ musical “Soul Notes” which will be produced this coming Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the Kenan Theater in the Center for Dramatic Arts on the UNC campus.

“Soul Notes” is “the musical result of scores of personal interviews that [Creighton] conducted in Jamaica, South Africa, and the American South. These interviews, most of them with black and white musicians, explore the big issues surrounding race in intimate and vulnerable ways. Backed by a full rock band, a talented cast of 20 from all corners of UNC’s campus brings these interviews to life with the sounds of reggae, blues, rock, gospel, and bluegrass. “

UPDATE: Chapel Hill News did a nice long feature on “Soul Notes” today.

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  1. Excellent work by everyone involved!! It was pretty clear that you guys made something tough to pull off look easy. All of you guys should be so proud!! Killer after party action too- don’t be surprised if Bazungu. busts out a cover of one of those jams! ~Rudy

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