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This Friday, DJ Spooky will bring his Rebirth of a Nation show to Chapel Hill. This remix of NC native DW Griffith’s “technically groundbreaking, but explicitly racist 1915 film.” Spooky (aka Paul Miller) says “I hope to create a counternarrative, one where the story implodes on itself, one where new stories arise out fo the ashes of that explosion.”
I saw a very early cut of this project at a Creative Commons Birthday and Sally saw an early complete performance at Spoleto in Spring 2004. This Friday we get to see it together at the newly refurbished and remodeled Memorial Hall.


  1. Looking forward to the show.

  2. I can’t belive I’m going to miss this. We’ll be en route to DC for the big peace march.

  3. BooBoo Watkins

    9/22/2005 at 2:38 pm

    I can’t wait. I’ve seen Spooky speak at Duke, at he was great.

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