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Squirrels are proof that God is not entirely good

They pulled all the perches out of my old Droll Yankee cylinder feeder. I’ve managed to keep one in after all these years.
They ripped the “squirrel proof” feeder from its hanger. It had worked pretty well. It’s a small cylinder enclosed in a spherical cage. But they threw it to the ground and ripped the lid off of it.
Then when I left for vacation and didn’t fill the feeders, they ripped a hole in the screen of my porch. They came in and tossed seed all over.
So I went down to Wild Birds Unlimited on MLK Blvd. WBU is run by a long lost friend Carl Delamar. When I was in college, I shared a house on Park Ave in Raleigh with Carl. Later he worked at UNC for a while. Now he is a happy bird accessory peddler — a very nice life.
Carl has a nice little selection of squirrel bedeviling feeders, baffles, hangers and the like. I was originally hot for a battery powered Yankee Flipper or a Yankee Whipper. Each of these spins the squirrels off the feeder with a nice degree of force (for the bird lover not so nice for the squirrel) and into space. The Yankee Tipper which also looks like trouble for squirrels has a seed pan/perch that tips over with the weight of a squirrel — no batteries required.
We ended up buying Wild Birds Unlimited’s own Eliminator. It doesn’t send the squirrel to meet his maker, but it does close down when a squirrel grabs the perches.
It’s up now and full of seed and waiting to feed bird and to cut off all squirrels.


  1. I’m wondering how the “eliminator” squirrel proof feeder worked out?

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