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Staying out of the News by Buying It

One way to keep your neighbors in the dark about your misdeeds even when the police have caught on to you is to buy every newspaper in town. That’s exactly what Jack William Pacheco of Chowchilla, CA did to hide his methamphetamine arrest. Pacheco, who claims he is innocent, bought all available copies of the Chowchilla News. He plans to use the papers “to clean his windows and train his new puppy.” Despite his enterprise, over 550 were delivered to homes in Chowchilla. He bought all store and machine offerings.
Pacheco failed on another front as well; his story is now wide spread thanks to AP.


  1. Paul, maybe some of you or some of your readers can recall an incident maybe 8-9 years ago when some conservative Raleigh newspaper (The Landmark or The Fountainhead, something like that) took offense at the Independent and went around stealing them. As I recall, they got caught dumping stack after stack of the Indy into a dumpster.

    I did a quick google on this but couldn’t find any relevant details.

  2. I donno about that one. But I do recall several stories about campus papers being stolen and found stories about several (from 2003) at the Student Press Law Center.

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