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Steve Cisler, Virtual Computing, Dome at Legislature, Music Cos vs VCs etc

George Brett alerts us to a very through and deeply serious appreciation of Steve Cisler from NetTime.

A series of miscommunications lead to me being at the NC Legislature this morning. Tucker was presenting his work from his Digital Media class in support of the Career and Technology Programs in the Public Schools. But the bigger surprise was that the elumenati were there with their Dome Theatre.

I spent this past Thursday and Friday out at IBM RTP from their 2nd International Conference on the Virtual Computing Initiative which has for the past two years taken the place of IBM University Days.

The VCI is an open source implimentation of machine image virtualization that began a few years back at NCSU as a way to use virtualization to allow both research and education (aka labs) computing to operate together on the same hardware (albeit differently scheduled). The NCSU Virtual Computing Lab has been proven several times over now and has been implemented for other schools including NCCU and ECU locally and in support of K – 12 labs in Virginia (by folks at Virgina Tech).

One interesting development is NCSU’s work on using VCI to make a 3-D environment, in this case Croquet, highly scalable and efficient.

David Rose at KnowThe explains that “Record Labels Are Not Venture Capitalists.” Sorta like the battle between two evil empires? Not according to David.

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  1. Its a pretty big coincidence reading reading your blog post on virtualization. I am have been recently involved with some virtualization related things and events at my work too !

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