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Still Wicked; still an eyesore

Lots of press lately on the abandoned Wicked Burrito downtown. Most saying how the new Downtown Development Corporation is trying to take charge of the problem. And now without speaking to the Corporation, Lone Star the owners are already getting to work on the exterior.

I was down there today and saw another change: The awnings have been replaced. They are now bright yellow! At least they’re not ripped and flapping and faded green. The paint is still peeling and ugly.

Another thing that would have improved my lunch would have been wireless access. My lunch partner wanted to show me something on his laptop, but …
The good news is that the Downtown Development folks are working on that too.


  1. Paul, the Town’s Tech Board is starting to reach out to the DEDC and others to coordinate community-based networking within town – Wifi is just one component of that deployment.

    I’m hoping that DEDC will support a pilot project that extends the reach of Wifi into those neighborhoods, adjacent to downtown, that are ill-served by the current Bellsouth/TimeWarner monopolies. It’d be great that, in addressing what I think will be a required municipal amenity (at least in the economic zones of a community), we could also help bridge the digital divide (solve the last mile problem, etc.).

  2. I agree that it would be a public good to have wifi downtown. Lunch yesterday proved it to me. It was a perfect example of why you want wifi access in a meeting/eating place. Usually I’m more or less happy without access whilst I eat, but this time…

  3. I think it’s pretty funny that the corporation’s approach to improving the eyesore is repainting and making the colors even brighter. Ack! Stop “improving” it, please!

    PS: Paul, please fix or remove the anti-spam code-entering thingy! It eats about 60% of my posts here. This is my seventh try at this one!

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