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Stuck CD in PowerBook

I have Johnny Cash forever! Or so it seems. I went to digitize American Recordings III and the CD stuck in my PowerBook G4. Using the various eject procedures results in a tiny edge of the CD peeking at me for a fraction of
a second then disappearing. On the upside, I can listen to “I won’t back down” anytime I want too.

Is there an easy way for me to get the damn thing to eject — or should I head out to the “genius bar”?

Things I’ve tried:

    drag cd to wastebasket
    pressing eject botton
    holding function and pressing eject button
    rebooting with trackpad button held down

I believe that the cd is experiencing some kind of resistance and so backs itself back into the player.

AHA! UPDATE: I took a key and gently but firmly nudged the slot a little larger or upward. (aka the caveman method of computer repair). The disk ejected just as if things were normal.


  1. For future reference… Holding the eject or space bar button *while booting* should eject a CD from a drive on the mac. 🙂

  2. Paul

    2/21/2006 at 10:58 am

    The trackpad trick was supposed to do the same thing as the eject trick (both at reboot), but I had a physical problem that only the caveman could get at!
    Thanks. Will add spacebar holddown to my bag of tricks too.

  3. Paul

    2/23/2006 at 12:20 pm

    Simon Spero posts this response to a listserv:

    I hear those disks a spinning, a?spinning in those racks
    But I ain’t seen the sunshine since I hit this Mac
    I’m stuck in Jone’s G4, despite his drag and drop
    But those disks just keep a bootin’ for all those op-ter-ons.

    When I was just a floppy, my momma told me, ‘Son
    Always be a good boy, don’t install version one.
    But I installed Berkeley Reno, just to run vi
    When I hear that data flowing, I hang my head and cry.

  4. Crowbar/chisle/hamer/foot/chainsaw/angle grinder/banana homock….
    Mine just spat it out after a while.

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