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Just off the phone with Jon Kabira of J-WAVE‘s morning show in Tokyo about the Blooker, blogs and publishing. It was more than a bit odd to hear the Japanese translation and recap each time I paused. I should have learned from my experiences giving talks in Siberia and in Taiwan that very short answers with long pauses help the translator, but on the phone without physical cues that’s harder to pull off. I hope the listeners weren’t too distracted on their drives into work by my unusual, for them, accent.
There was a lot of fascination about the newness of the blook and of the Blooker. Listening I could hear how the very words, blook and Blooker, are difficult for non-English speakers even if they are extremely clear talking radio professionals.
There was enthusiasm for Julie and Julia and the story told there beyond the cooking and for the interactive nature of blogs and blooks. As near as I can tell, this part was of great interest.
I wish I could speak/understand Japanese; Jon was one of the better interviewers I’ve worked with (in part because of the good advance work by Kanae Hasegawa).