TED organizer and all-round smart guy, Chris Anderson, has refined his proposed Email Charter to 10 important points and put the final product online here. It has a sort of Cluetrain Manifesto feel to it and I mean that in a good way.

Briefly the rules are:

1. Respect Recipients’ Time
2. Short or Slow is not Rude
3. Celebrate Clarity
4. Quash Open-Ended Questions
5. Slash Surplus cc’s
6. Tighten the Thread
7. Attack Attachments
8. Give these Gifts: EOM NNTR (end of message. no need to respond)
9. Cut Contentless Responses
10. Disconnect!

All good and all I agree with especially “We’re drowning in email. And the many hours we spend on it are generating ever more work for our friends and colleagues” and with the Problem Statement, but even better is #noemail at all!

Do visit and read the Email Charter.