Jokesters or Activists?
I rarely repost from Slashdot, but I confess that’s the way I found this story which was originally reported in NewsDay. Two older guys standing in line at the First District Court in Hempstead, NY were telling Lawyer jokes — all of which you’ve heard before (especially if you are married to a lawyer as I am).
The punch line is that they were arrested for disorderly conduct.

But others wonder if another punch was involved:

The men are founders of Americans for Legal Reform, a group of outspoken advocates who use confrontational tactics to push for greater access to courts for the public and to monitor how well courts serve the public. One tactic is driving a truck around the Huntington area emblazoned with the slogan “Stop The Lawyer Disease.”

In an update, NewsDay reports that radical lawyer and talk show host Ron Kuby will be defending the jokesters.