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The Invisible at Ackland Art Museum

The Wheel That give Life
The Invisible is a band that plays and programs instruments made from consumer and industrial junk. Most of the sound comes from drumming devices activated by the Wheel That Gives Life (my name for it), a three foot in diameter metal wheel with peg holes in it. The wheel slowly turns and the pegs which are inserted and withdrawn by the operator activate switches which in turn activate electro-magnets that then activate hammers (mostly) that tap variously constructed drums, blocks, clappers, etc. Add in video played on old Commodore monitors — some pulled from the Museum’s security cameras, plus some distorted recomposed keyboards and you have a band. Surprisingly great music for museum going or sitting or dancing.

Still don’t know if The Invisible took their name from the DJ Spooky collection by the same name.

More pictures here.


  1. Dear Mr. Jones,

    This may be an inquiry from Jerry Qualls, from the state of Nevada (which is Spanish for Nirvana), You can be assured that this is not an inquiry from Nigeria about depositing funds into your bank account. And, I am not Justina, from the Phillipines, who has something for you if you return her e-mail.
    In fact, I cannot find an e-mail address for the correct Mr. Jones, but I am in the state of north carolina on March 15 and would like to contact you.

    Jerry Qualls

  2. Paul

    3/18/2009 at 10:03 pm

    Dr. Qualls,
    I am the Jones you seek. I have given you the number of the iphone of i,pjones. We will meet and we will greet and we will eat.
    Good to catch up with you and hear your tales of ancient pumice in Japan.

  3. How was your meeting with Doctor Qualls? I corresponded briefly a few years ago.

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