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The Papermaking Jones (John Dancy-Jones)

John Dancy-Jones (from NandO)
We used to say we were brothers or cousins when we could get away with it. Now John Dancy-Jones, teacher, papermaker, bookmaker (of the honest sort), artist and arts supporter, is featured in a long profile in the News and Observer. The article is good and long overdue. There are few like John D-J and we need many more.

UPDATE: John is working on a blog-to-book project called: The Natural History of Raleigh. You can learn a good deal of the secret natural areas of Raleigh there as well as the plants and animals found around town. John especially loves and can usually find turtles.

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  1. Paul and I are brothers, indeed: short and long-haired, smarter than we need to be, Jones by God, but most of all: fellow long-term emcees of local open mikes, he in Chapel Hill back in the day, me in the armpit eighties in downtown Raleigh. Makers and stewards of the Word, and now fellow cyber scholars. Fellow, but not equal: as I say on my links site about ibiblio: it is the best single website of which I know.
    Thanks for the kind words. We love you, Paul! Ibiblio is the best.

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