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The Ridge is Blue; the Prose is Purple

Asheville elumenati David McConville is indignant about the purple prose let loose in the NYTimes Magazine Travel section by Wells Tower.

Tower wants to write about the good things in Asheville/Black Mountain, but his Columbia-trained MFA kills it for the readers. Better to go over to the J-School, Wells.

UPDATE: Check out David’s response in the comment below.

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  1. My dearest fellow neo-bohemians,

    What an illustriously tapered recounting of our quaint, delicate and discreetly desirable bucolic existence for the sensitive and well-meaning gentry! Perchance we should wish them the greatest of Godspeed as their thoughts longingly drift to joining all of us slightly morose yet radiant eccentrics here in our almost accidental yet pristine utopia? Come, desirous traveler, come!

    But shant we now take leave of such effusive accounts of flowery decay in favor of slightly more recognizable if not equally maudlin sentiments? Please, dear readers, let us frame our delightful romps through this whimsically distracted reportage with a quick jaunt through the dull familiarity of our collective déjà vu:

    Your wistful dandy,
    Master David “Attractively Distressed” McConville

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