Chapel Hill is experiencing wide power outages and trees across various roads. I’m thinking good thoughts about NCSU for two reasons:

1) This year is the 40th anniversary of the NCSU Computer Science Department. I entered NCSU and CS there in 1968 so’s I wasn’t there the first year, but the second year. Here’s the link to the 40th Celebration pages.

2) SlashDot is reporting that NCSU Director of Student Legal Services, Pam Gerace, has advised students to remain anonymous, and has indicated her office’s willingness to challenge the RIAA’s subpoenas (23 John Does sent to NCSU).

3) The Technician, the NCSU student paper, urges students to work with the Legal Services in an article beginning:

OUR OPINION: Student Legal Services is willing to battle in the trenches for students slapped with RIAA lawsuits regarding music piracy, and those students should take full advantage of this resource to beat the charges.