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Upcoming: BarCampRDU, Revolution OS Showing

This Saturday August 4 is BarCampRDU at Red Hat World Headquarters. Sign up on the wiki if you plan to be there. And don’t miss Friday night’s pre-Camp party at Tyler’s in Durham.

RevolutionOS poster

Carolina Open Source Initiative will be hosting FREE PIZZA and the movie RevolutionOS on Monday August 6th at 6:30pm in
the Carolina Union Room 3206B. [PDF poster for the event here]

New location for RevolutionOS — Manning Hall 208

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  1. Re: Revolution OS showing. If people would email me or post a comment on my blog noting that they’d like to attend and what kind of pizza toppings they’d like, that’ll help me make sure we have pizza that will make everybody happy.

    Thanks for posting this event to your blog, Paul!

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