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Vanishing News Story – ABC version

Not long after the story broke on the net of the angry rant by stolen laptop victim Jasper Rine, a story pointing out the very obvious problems with the claims made by Rine appeared on the ABC News site. The story by Hari Sreenivasan did a great and lively job of describing why Rine’s claims were wrong while sympathizing with him over the theft a bit.
Not long after I linked to it, the story vanished. Luckily I grabbed at least one good paragraph for my post. As it turns out no one else grabbed any of the story that I nor others can find.
Miles at managed to get a screen shot of Google News to prove the story existed once.
Now not only is the ABC News story gone, but the site that broke the story originally seems to have vanished as well (at least for me for Miles of tinyapps).
Here’s the challenge: Can you find the story anywhere? In a cache? Other places on the Net?


  1. I haven’t seen the article cached anywhere either, but I did run across this nice 1997 quote by Prof. Rine:

    “Facts just aren’t that important”

    via (or, in the Google cache, )

  2. I blogged parts of the story as part of the Berkeley student blog Calstuff.

  3. It’s in Google’s cache now, top hit for “Rine Stolen Laptop”

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