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WCHL and RHAT’s Greg deK on BarCampRDU

WCHL interviewed Red Hat’s Greg deKoenigsberg and some others [mp3] about BarCampRDU. Despite the title “Red Hat offers BarCamp” the story is a good one and Greg never says “hey Red Hat did this conference;” he’s right on top of it being done by volunteers and that Red Hat provided the space — and his help which was greatly appreciated.

I do agree with the textual description “150 of the Triangle’s brightest computer programmers gathered at the headquarters of software company Red Hat this Saturday.” Boldness added by me.

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  1. Of course…brightest, as in shiniest – most reflective in the sunlight.

    Thanks for the invite, and for being so kind to Jon Hill; though I wish you’d made him stay for the ‘dancing with girls lesson.”


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