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WeGoNow’s personal guide to #noemail

Rich Denyer-Bewick has started a very helpful blog at WEGONOW a blog about work and play and me and you a good bit of which is about his new experience with #noemail.

Although only a couple of months old and a few post posted, the blog is already chocked full of useful approaches to personal #noemail issues.

Beginning with “The sickening realisation that email was bad for me” (note spellings and Rich are British) which includes a very nice panel from The Oatmeal’s Email Monster sequence, Rich describes how he has come to look beyond email and how he has found a strong support community including the videos of Luis @elsua Suarez and Claire Burge and one of their guests in particular (me).

Rich’s most recent post, “Getting Started with #NoEmail – 10 Top Tips To Slay The Email Beast,” offers excellent leads, succinctly presented for getting into the world beyond email. Admittedly these leads are so succinct that they beg for expansion and detail, but that exactly what Rich promises to do in future posts. His unpacking of his first lead, “Accept You Have A Problem,” at the end of the 10 Top Tips is a strong downpayment on that promise.

Looking forward to more posts and more expansion on his good leads in the near future.


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  1. The answer is recognizing that email is a problem. It was never conceived as a Swiss army knife. Great Dilbert bit BTW!

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