Spent yesterday with Jessamyn West. She spoke to my class of graduating seniors and later to a larger group of mostly grad students and faculty. The slides from her talks are online and have some links that she didn’t have time to follow during the talks.
Jeff Pomerantz’s class came over to the later class and Jeff has some good notes on that talk on his blog.
Locked in the Library
Jessamyn and I took a quick tour of some of the collections in Wilson Library including the North Carolina Collection, the Rare Book Room and the North Carolina Gallery. In the Gallery, Keeper Neil Fulghum gave us a tour of the collections and restored rooms, especially the private library from the Hayes Plantation once the largest private library in the state (in the late 1800s). We were so caught up the talk and in the presentation of the Siamese Twins, Eng and Chang Bunker, that we ended up locked inside the building! We were not alone. University Librarian Sarah Michalak and two visitors as well as a family touring the campus were stuck there with us. Luckily the Keeper appeared and didn’t keep us there.