8:30 – NHPRC Electronic Records Symposium. Talk by Seamus Ross (good coffee and scones)
10:00 – Informal interview with Carolina Digital Library candidate (passable coffee and bagels)
11:00 – Formal talk by Carolina Digital Library candidate – some interesting points: reshelving of books at his library dropped 40% in five years! Use of serials in the Humanities down 50-odd% In the Sciences 60%.
12:00 – Administrative Board of the Library (drip coffee brewed there and Chicken Zambra)
13:30 – meeting with Associate Provost (offered coffee and wisely declined)
15:00 – Working Group on Expertise, Science and DemocracyPatrick Hamlett of NCSU on expertise and deliberative democracy using the Danish Consensus model (coffee discussed as a theoretical possibility)
17:00 – Lolly-paloosa! Celebration of Lolly Gasaway‘s tenure as Law Librarian. She’s now the Law School’s Associate Dean. (Wine. Little lambs ribs with mint. Crabcakes. Yummmm.)

Note: I’m not sure that I should be naming job candidates here on my blog so’s that’s why I was a little mysterious above.