Thanks to my position as consort to the Council Member, I was invited up to the Chancellor’s Box for the UNC vs William and Mary game on Saturday. My having gone to NCSU means that I can enjoy the game when UNC is really looking dumb. My having worked at UNC for over 25 years allows me to enjoy the game when UNC is really doing well. Luckily I had opportunity for both on Saturday. Although my technical knowledge of football all comes from Andy Grifiths’s “What it was was football” and my spiritual knowledge of the game comes from James Wright’s poem “Autumn begins in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio”, I had a grand time. With UNC behind by 3 in the fourth quarter, we had to leave. By the time we got to our car UNC had scored again (up by 4). By the time, we got out of the car at the store, UNC had scored yet again winning a pretty sloppy game 49 -38.