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Seminar Orientation

Introduction to Current Issues
and Applications

Assignment for Mon 1/14/2003

Utopic visions -
Bush and Greenberger

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Discussion of Bush and Greenberger

Emanuel Goldberg and his Statistical Machine - demonstrated in Dresden, London and Paris in 1931
H. G. Wells' World Brain/World Encyclopedia first presented in London 1936 in another version than the linked version here.

Assignment for Wed 1/15/2003

Dystopic vision
Read Orwell through Section 1

14 15
Dystopias and Utopias
Discussion of Technotopias - Good and Evil
Thomas More. "Utopia" (1516)
Edward Bellamy. "Looking Backward" (1857)
H. G. Wells. "Time Machine" (1898)
Jack London. "Iron Heel" (1907)
Eugene Zamiatin. "We" (1921. 1924-English edition).
Aldous Huxley. "Brave New World" (1931)

Assignment for Wed 1/22/2003
Complete Orwell

16 17 18 19

Martin Luther King Holiday

21 22
Orwell Today. How true? To what extent? Reactions to Orwell.

Assignment for Mon 1/27/2003
Begin Neuman - read through Section 2 "The Logic of Electronic Integration"

23 24 25 26
Neuman's context for Orwell and Bush

Hobbes' Internet Timeline
Tomita's Discovery
Neuman's Reformulation
Neuman's Tensions

Assignment for Wednesday 1/29/2003
Read Neuman Chapters 3 and 4

28 29
Psychology of Media Use and the Breakup of the Mass Audience

compare Neuman with recent findings by Pew Internet and American Life Project

Assignment for Monday 2/3/2003
Complete Neuman

30 31


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Neuman - How True?
How Foresighted?
How Misguided?

What about Privacy and Neuman?

Assignment for Wednesday 2/5/2003
Read esr's Cathedral and the Bazaar

Preparing for your presentations
What questions to ask of your topic and of us.

4 5
pre-esr visit discussion of CaB

Open Source Software presentation

6 7 8 9

Special Guest
Eric Raymond aka esr of the Open Source Initative

Assignment for 02/17/03
Read Lessig through Part 1

11 12

Jones in DC

13 14 15 16

Special Guest
Senator Eric Reeves
Chair of NC Senate Information Technology Committee and Appropriations on Information Technology

Assignment for 02/19/03
Read Lessig Part 2

18 19

Special Guest
Glenn Otis Brown, Executive Director of Creative Commons

Some Copyright battles

Eldred v. Ashcroft challenging the term in the Supreme Court

Hollings's proposed bill to impose technical copyright enforcement being heard in the senate commerce committee
Announcement of the Hearing and list of presenters
Hollings' Opening of the Hearing
Commentary from MSNBC
Of Republican doubters in the House
Archive of Declan McCullagh

and the new webcasting rulemaking from the Copyright Abritration Royalty Board
Save Our Streams - Community and Educational Radio
Requested reporting (from Radio Horizon)
Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel
CARP Webcasting Rates Recommendations

Jon "DVD" Johansen found not guilty in Norway
European Music Copyrights Expiring
Phillis Schlafly on copyright

Assignment for 02/19/03
Read Lessig Part 3
Summary and questions about presentations etc

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Jack Valenti
at Duke

Meredith and Kip Frey Lecture in Intellectual Property February 24, 2003
Jack Valenti, president and chief executive officer of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), will give the third annual Meredith and Kip Frey Lecture in Intellectual Property. A former aide to U.S. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, he was appointed chief executive of the movie industry's trade association in 1966 and has led the group ever since, turning it into one of the most powerful forces on Capitol Hill. Throughout his tenure at the helm of the MPAA, Valenti has championed the film industry's unified self-censorship against local and religious censoring groups while simultaneously heading the Motion Picture Export Association, which assertively protects the interests of the American studios abroad, fighting local production quotas, taxation and other restrictions on trade. For the last several years, Valenti has increasingly focused on the dangers of Internet piracy to Hollywood's products. Mr. Valenti, who holds an MBA from Harvard University, is the author of four books - three non-fiction works and the political novel Protect and Defend - and numerous essays for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Atlantic Monthly, Newsweek and other publications. The Meredith and Kip Frey Lecture in Intellectual Property is a lecture series that was established in 2000 by Duke Law School alumnus Kip Frey '85 and his wife, Meredith, to increase discussion about emerging issues in the areas of intellectual property, cyberspace, and science and technology law. Noted intellectual property law scholars Lawrence Lessig, professor of law at Stanford University, and Yochai Benkler, professor of law at New York University, delivered previous lectures in this series.

25 26

Topic and presentation discussions

27 28


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Surveillance at UNC and the World
Path of Least Surveillance in NYC
Jeffrey Rosen's NYTimes Magazine article
Reinvention of Privacy from Atlantic Monthly
William Safire on "The Great Unwatched"
Watching the Quad between Carroll and Manning

4 5
blogg-fest at the j-school
12-12:50 in Carroll room 340

Gary Price's blog talk
4 pm 111 Carroll Hall

6 7 - Spring Recess 8 9
10 - Spring Recess 11 - Spring Recess 12 - Spring Recess 13 - Spring Recess 14 - Spring Recess 15 - Spring Recess 16 - Spring Recess
Special Guest - rescheduled
Senator Eric Reeves
Chair of NC Senate Information Technology Committee and Appropriations on Information Technology
18 19
Kenn on propaganda
20 21 22 23
Matt on Spam
25 26
Susan P on sex offenders listings on the web
Justin on Virtual Communities
27 28 29 30
Jean on Blogs
Denise on Misinformation and Disinformation


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Chang Su on GovStats
James on Games and IP
3 4 5 6
7 - Distance Education Week
Jones at Conference on World Affairs

Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education by David Noble 1997
Frank White Dissent
DDM-2 The Coming Battle Over Online Instruction 3/1998
DDM-3 The Bloom Is Off the Rose 12/89
DDM-4 Rehearsal for the Revolution 11/99
Noble rallying the troops at the California Faculty Association 10/25/99

8 9
Jones at Conference on World Affairs

Debate on Noble at UVa
Response to Noble from Educause
NetFuture on Nobel
Chronicle of Higher Education (2002) on Noble, the Army and his book

10 11 12 13
Wayne on Education access
Samira on Filtering
15 16
Susan K on HIPPA and Health Info on the Net
Brendan on W@r3z
17 18 19 20
Jason on Anonymity
Dan on Workplace Privacy
22 23
Paige on Future of Journalism
- last day of class
24 25 26 27
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