questions to keep in mind

Margaret's posting reminds to be to sure to aks you to keep in mind the 
following questions as we delve into IP law, policy formation, security, 
privacy etc:
How does this relate to the internet (or does it not at all relate)?
How does this relate to libraries (or what libraries may become)?
How does this relate to publishing (or what publishing may become)?
Does this affect basic concepts of our rights and of our 
responsibilities as we move into an Information Society?
Are there international implications?
Are their individual implications?

Also I'd like to see us balance our opinions with facts (and vice versa) 
so that we become neither reporters nor opinion writers but something in 
between. I'm afraid that I opened the gratuitous attack on Gates line 
myself, but we should keep in mind his contributions as well as his 
other activities.
One last thing: please attempt to relate some of what we have already 
read for class to our discussion. Does what Womack have to say about the 
Goods model apply in any way to the cases in India and in Argentina? for 
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