Re:310 email list

I have to admit that I'm a mail fan too. But threaded lists can be pretty
useful too. One option is to combine both listserv and a threaded
discussion. I've implemented two versions of boards, hypermail and
MHonArc, using my version of our class discussion so far. Both are
sortable by subject (or thread) and date. Hypermail allows author sort 
as well. MHonArc allows replies to the list of originator. Both make URLs
within the mail messages into links you can use. MHonArc is MIME aware,
but I doubt that we will need that feature much if at all. Both could be
password protected and both work with listserv or other mailing software.

for hypermail: http://sunsite.unc.edu/pjones/ils310/
for MHonArc:   http://sunsite.unc.du/pjones/ils310/threads.html

Check out the various options and let the list and/or Bert know what you
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