topics/apps assignments (Try #2)

	just a little reshuffling based on preferences...

	   1) Health of Internet--Sai, Matt, Chris B.
	   2) I-Commerce --Jennifer, Karl, Serena
	   3) anonymity-- Nathan, John
	   4) censorship-- Joey, Kim R., Erika
	   5) information quality--Maggie, Margaret
	   6) distance education(replaces slander)--mark k., gary, dj
	Applications (Web Databases deleted)
	   1) Steaming Audio--Erika, Gary, Kim R.
	   2) StreamingVideo-- Mark K., Matt D., Chris B.
	   3) I-Phones/Vid-Phones---DJ, Nathan, Serena
	   4) Castanent/Pushing Technology---Sai, Maggie, Karl
	   5) Collaborative Tools---Margaret, Joey, John, Jennifer

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