Re: story on plagarism on NPR

from http://www.npr.org/programs/atc/rundowns/1997/Jan/atc.01.16.97

[7.] [WORDS FOR THE TAKING] -- Noah talks to Neal Bowers, author of the
book Words for the Taking. Bowers is a poet and professor of English at
Iowa State University who discovered that his poems were being
plagiarized. Someone would make minor changes in his work and then submit
them to literary journals which Bowers would read. He felt violated; some
of the poetry was about personal subjects and to have them stolen was
disconcerting to him. Eventually he did discover the identity of the
plagiarist. (8:00) (STATIONS: Words for the Taking is published by W.W.

This is in addition to the story I told in class. The poet plagiarized in
my story was Lou Lipsitz ( a poem from his book, Cold Water).

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