Entertainment Weekly

Perhaps not as enlightening as Fortune (do I have to defend my reading
tastes? :->), EW had a couple of interesting stories in this week's issue
-- a page on Viacom's attempts to crack down on Star Trek sites, along
with Fox on X-Files (Protest called "Free Speech Is Out There"), Fox on
the Simpsons, and Lucasfilm on Star Wars.

Then in Multimedia, they offered reviews of Drew Barrymore web sites,
incl. one at NC State which has been removed. The site now has a letter
from the associate provost on-line (received by the site owner) -- quoted
in EW as:
"A big part of the performance problem [of the NCSU Web server] is the
publication of libraries of image files. Many of these image files are of
questionable nature and have absolutely nothing to do with academic work
here at NCSU ... I do not want to be in the business of monitoring what
students do, read, or say. But, at this point, I have no choice."

(As listed in the magazine)

I thought this would be interesting (and close to home) in light of the
discussion about what the role of universities should be with student
pages ... a new vein of attack -- performance problems. Though it also
brings up the distressing issue of selectivity.

Another reviewed site (with a variety of tame to not-so-tame pics of the
actress) apparently contains the quote:

"All pictures featured on this page were retrieved from the Internet and
are therefore considered to be in the public domain."

I agree with EW's characterization of the site: "Drew as a lawsuit waiting
to happen".

Erika Grams