Re: Entertainment Weekly

Erika Grams wrote regarding NCSU's censorship of a student home page:
"I thought this would be interesting (and close to home) in light of the
discussion about what the role of universities should be with student
pages ... a new vein of attack -- performance problems. Though it also
brings up the distressing issue of selectivity."

Do you mean censoring pages that get lots of hits? Adminstrators have used
that as a reason for taking down student pages. To me, it's censoring
somebody for having a popular message.

As for the associate provost's statement that "I do not want to be in the
business of monitoring what students do, read, or say. But, at this point,
I have no choice."

I'm not clear on why he doesn't have a choice. But I go back to my previous
conclusion: if NCSU allows students to have web pages, then he doesn't have
any business monitoring what students do, read, or say. He's not only
violating their free speech rights, but he's taking on institutional
liability for NCSU.


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