Audio Programs

Since this couldn't be discussed in great detail during the presentation,
I wanted to let you all know more about the programs in the comparison

Crescendo (MIDI), RealAudio, and Shockwave are already all set up in the
lab. Anything using these can be heard on any computer with speakers.

The programs for True Speech, Internet Wave, Radio Destiny can be used
from where I have placed them on the G drive (G:\work\ErikaG\* -- folders
are named after the programs). Feel free to hook into those if you want to
test out any of the formats -- when Netscape (yes, I'm Netscape biased)
asks you to pick an application to play them.

Since Netscape and ToolVox are plug-ins, they need to be installed to run
-- settings are lost when the computers reboot and revert to normal lab
settings. Again, the files are sitting in my G directory (Netscape is
mp32e10, ToolVox is tpg1c917). Feel free to install the programs using
these execution files if you don't wish to download.

Audioactive and Streamworks, while not plug-ins, do add components to the
Windows registry and .ini files and thus don't work unless they get
installed properly. Audioactive requires some playing around with creating
mime types -- be sure to read the readme.txt if you decide to test it out.
Streamworks' base file is called swplyr2 and Audioactive's is audio32.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And Enjoy!