Adding Stuff to the Lab Machines

I just saw a posting to this list about installing addition components to
Netscape etc. in the lab.  I would prefer if you did NOT do this.  You could
mess things up for others.

We try to keep a standard desktop on all the machines in the lab, so that
people can count on everything running from anywhere.  When you start
installing this program on one machine and something else on another that
messes up the works.

If there are things you want added to the lab, please ASK ME!  Geez - we
just went through the entire upgrade though a couple days ago of software
and I asked TONS of people what they needed to have added.  Now if we were
to do it we'd have to hit each and every machine to do a custom install, but
if you had told me a couple days ago if could have been done as part of the
upgrade process.

Well anyway......

We will try and add the components that were mentioned to the lab machines
over the next week.  As I say though, becase this is after our upgrade we
will have to visit each machine to do a custom install.  So please be a
little patient.  And in the future, ask us if there are things that you
think the lab should have and doesn't.  Don't just add them on an individual
basis.  Others might find them useful too.

Scott Barker
Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Email: scott@ils.unc.edu, Phone: 919-962-0235, Fax: 919-962-8071