Some comprehensive cyber law resources

Hey all,

	I've found the following sites helpful for providing context
	to our recent (and forthcoming) discussions about intellectual
	property.  These sites are pretty comprehensive resources for
	everything you want to know about intellectual property 
	issues and the internet (prescedent cases, current news, 
	academic papers, etc., etc., etc.):

	(check out CyberLex- a service supplemented by Lexis-Nexis)

	Cyberspace Law Center
	(check out the current trademark battles under intellectual 		property-
its pretty funny what will annoy a megacorp)

	The FCC
	(good source for current internet cases before the FCC such as
	internet telephony)

	Biotech Law Web Server
	(for those pesky issues involved in cloning people or creating
	your own genetic superhuman a la Khan)

	Hope these are useful to all.