Get Wired for class

   Grab your sunglasses and check out the latest issue of _WiReD_ (5.03).
It's basically a course pack for 310:

-"Geek Page" on ADSL ('90s version of ISDN)
-Electronic copyright update & WIPO summit summary
-the death of the browser and the rebirth of Push
-Tim Berners Lee interview
-Profile of Cisco (the router company)
-Encryption law update (Bernstein case)
-Negroponte on web pricing and payment schemes
-Umberto Eco interviewed on the 'net, libraries, etc.

There's even William Randolph Hearst III in the books section,
recommending _Ulysses_. (!)

And if you have a couple of free hours, check out Neal Stephenson's
~50-page story on the FLAG (Fiber Optic Link Around the Globe) project in
4.12 (Dec '96). Great story on how the telcos are building out the
worldwide fiber backbone.


   W. John MacMullen............................http://ils.unc.edu/~macmw