push: tv you can't mute

Check out this month's WIRED magazine (print version) for a Popular
Science "Build a Hovercraft in your Garage!" hype-style article on the
wonders of push technologies. Here's a small tag from the article from

				 Sure, we'll always have Web pages.
                                 We still have postcards and
                                 telegrams, don't we? But the center
                                 of interactive media - increasingly,
                                 the center of all media - is moving to
                                 a post-HTML environment, a world
                                 way past a Web dominated by the
                                 page, beyond streamed audio and
                                 video, and fast into a land of
                                 push-pull, active objects, virtual
                                 space, and ambient broadcasting.

The article paints a world filled with the hum of the eternal screensaver.
And the authors seem excited that areas of life previously unsullied by
media like "school, work, church, walks in the country" will be reached by
push technology running on next generation PDAs.

One nice thing about this article is that they address one of the
fallacies of the Celestial Jukebox. Boyle suggests that all those orbiting
digital bits will be an erector set in the sky, allowing users to make
multimedia fun on demand. This WIRED article admits that at the end of the
day, most people don't want to work for their grins. They just want to be
taken for a ride, be it with Seinfeld or AC/DC. Authors build plots, and
that's why we like them.