Re: Merger Mania (was: Modem Wars)

One slight correction: 3-Com is buying USRobotics not Cisco. These three 
companies all make different parts of the networking equipment we all 
need. 3-Com (ethernet cards), USR (modems), Cisco (routers, hubs, switches).
3_Com was founded by the famous Bob Metcalfe

 On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, W. John MacMullen wrote:
> Anyone have an opinion on the Cisco takeover of USR, announced today? 
> There was a profile of Cisco in this month's WIRED detailing how its rapid
> growth has come more from acquisitions than internal product development.
> It basically pays for its victims with cash flow from sales, but top-line 
> growth is leveling off due to market maturity and increased competition.
> So will 3Com and Ascend team up to buy Motorola now? Or will Intel buy
> Motorola? (They already own parts of Xircom, Phoenix Tech. SystemSoft,
> CyberCash, etc.) Will Bill Gates buy Cisco?  :)
> John
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