WebTV philosophy


>			Content Philosophy
>                       Web content should be used to create a
>                       more television-like experience for the
>                       viewer. When you are creating Web pages
>                       for this new audience, follow these basic
>                       guidelines:
>                       Don't overload your viewers with
>                       too much information at a time.
>                       Design your pages to reduce load
>                       time and create the impression of
>                       instantaneous response.
>                       Use moving images and sound to
>                       enhance the page.
>                       Take advantage of low-bandwidth
>                       multimedia technology, such as MIDI audio,
>                       to heighten the user experience.
>                       Remember that television is a visual
>                       medium. These guidelines, and more, are
>                       described in the WebTV HTML Guide and
>                       Reference and the WebTV Style Guide, which
>                       are available from the Developer
>                       Documentation page.

A dumbing down? I enjoy the phrases "a more television-like experience"
and "impression of instantaneous response."